The Blogging experience has been worth wile for me and I think that It will be useful to other people to. The student blogging challenge was a activity that made me look forward to grammar. Blogging as a whole makes it easy to look at others writing but only in your class. If you want to talk with the world this may not be the thing unless you do the blogging challenge. I found myself only blogging if told. The younger kids will think this is to complicated and the 7-8 grades will not use them for what they will need to do. The time taken up is not worthwhile for the older kids. 3-6 grades are perfect. The class time is there and this age can have fun with technology especially on their new I-pads. A chance to film on an I pad and put it directly on your blog. The middle age students need to see other parts of the world and that is why they should do the blogging challenge. It will use up time that would be used for busy work in elementary, which I find a lot of. The blogging experience has been a nice experience for me but I would not advise it for the older and younger students.

Week 10

This week Aidan surveyed my blog for the week 10 blogging challenge.

He said that his first impressions were amazing, he loved my avatar he thought it looked just like me, He loved my week 9 challenge post, he said that many post were school based, he noticed that my post with the most comments was Creativity, he does not like my widgets.

Week 9 Challenge

This week in the Student Blogging challenge we were told to use one blog to find another and so on. I found some that had great posts and some that had poor posts. But the challenge didn’t work because no one had links on their blogrol. So I had to keep going back and start over.So I never really got to go far in the challenge. Next time I will try to start on a reliable blog and go from there.

This is a really cool Poem he Put in Maori.



Our 6th grade class is doing the week 4 challenge of the Student Blogging Challenge. We were told to Go Global. I focused on a group of national translators that translate the Bible for Cubans. I found a video that showed what happened to people and how the bible helped them. My teacher gave our class a list of world crisis-es to choose and I looked at the video. I thought it was really inspiring.

Since 1990 there have been rebellions in Cuba and innocent people are being killed and threatened.  National translators recently met to translate the bible for the people of Cuba. A seed company then sponsors a survey to ask what happened to a few Cuban civilians and how the bible helped them. A man named Duidonne Abanakeyo said he was forced to hide like an animal for 27 days. Timothee Alimadri said, “There were two times when soldiers tried to shoot me, to kill me.” Jean Pierre Tuluba said, “The bullets hit my door and my windows. The soldiers thought I was dead.” Pieere Dradeko said, “Certainly it’s a matter of faith, faith that God has called us to work. That keeps us firm in our decision with it.” Duidonne Abanakeyo also said that a verse that meant a lot to him was Joshua 1:9. The point is that if they did not believe in God and hadn’t had the bible translated they would have most likely given up and thrown there lives away.

I am really passionate about this cause because I read the bible almost everyday and when these people read the bible it helps them in life, just like me. If you where under constant threat of being shot going to a well or walking to the farm what would you use to help you get through it. Without something it would be virtually impossible.

Perseverance from Wycliffe Global Alliance on Vimeo.


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